Stories from the golden age of supernatural and horror fiction.

The Pan Book of Horror. The Fontana Book of Horror. And the Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories. Who can forget anthologies like these?

Classic books, compiled by classic editors like Herbert van Thal, Mary Danby, and Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes. But there was even more to the horror scene in those boom years, and you can find it here. Mary Danby edited considerably more than just Fontana Horror. Richard Davis had his own anthologies. And then there was The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in its glory days.

Nine stories from that golden age, each with an introduction by the author … how those dark tales came to be, and how those famous editors received them. This book is not merely a collection of fiction, but an insight into a bygone age of inexpensive paperbacks and eager hordes of fans.

Find out why it has become my bestselling eBook in the UK.

CLASSIC PAN AND FONTANA HORROR is available on Amazon, B & N Nook, Kobo and Smashwords.