"Man, this guy can write. He has the power to introduce you all over again to the pleasures of reading good prose" – bestselling novelist Ed Gorman.


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Tony Richards, London, 1987

London, 1987 - Photograph by Andy Snipper

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Welcome to the website of author Tony Richards. Best known for his supernatural and horror work, he also writes sf, crime novels and stories, and fiction covering all points in between. Shortlisted for the Bram Stoker and British Fantasy awards, 8 collections of his stories have seen publication, and his recent novels include the adult chiller Hidden, the crime thriller The Tribe, and the latest in the Raine's Landing supernatural series (see below).

This site is designed for you to browse around, finding little nuggets along the way - stories, articles, interviews etc. So please take your time, wander through the site, and see where it takes you...

Tony Richards, San Francisco, 2004

San Francisco, 2004 - Photograph by Dave

2013. By Madeleine Winston



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Stories With A Sting in the Tail, Tony Richards


  Witch Hunter, by Tony Richards  


RAINE’S LANDING BOOK #6. A brutal witchfinder from the Middle Ages returns to the Landing, killing everybody who stands in his way. Not even the strongest of the town’s adepts can stop him. Their only hope … a tiny child called May.


  Speak of the Devil  


RAINE’S LANDING BOOK #5. The town’s major magicians start being attacked. But it isn’t coming from an outside force this time. Some townsfolk are practising the dark side of the arts, and would hand Raine’s Landing over to the king of Hell.


  Deadly Violet  


RAINE’S LANDING BOOK #4. Back in the town’s Victorian age, a beggar girl steals an amulet that allows her to reach out into the present day. But that damages the fabric of reality, and Raine’s Landing begins to fill with all kinds of strange apparitions.


  Midnight's Angels, Tony Richards, Dark Regions Press  


RAINE’S LANDING BOOK #3. When three meteorites crash-land in the woods outside the town, they bring with them an unspeakable cargo – vicious magic beings in the service of an evil older than the Universe itself.


  Night of Demons, Tony Richards, Eos, HarperCollins  


RAINE’S LANDING BOOK #2. A psychotic serial killer arrives in the town, and manages to get some magic powers of his own. And the next thing Ross and Cassie know, demons are appearing in the heart of Massachusetts.



Dark Rain, Eos, Harper Collins, Tony Richards



RAINE'S LANDING BOOK #1. The first of a series in a Massachusetts town that's full of magic and bound under a spell cast by an escaped Salem witch. This novel was originally published by Eos/HarperCollins, and is now available as an independent eBook.


  The Tribe  


NEW CRIME THRILLER. Murder. Blackmail, Gang warfare. And worse. Matt Barrett finds himself in deep water in a pleasant-looking coastal California town.


  The Hidden, by Tony Richards  


NEW ADULT CHILLER. A homicide cop who lives a shocking double life. A dream lover who isn't all he seems. In the shadows of a New York night, your fantasies can turn to nightmares.



  Under The Ice, by Tony Richards  


TOP 10 CHILLS. This Scandinavian-based chiller was voted one of the best ten novels of the year by Horror Novel Reviews. Here's your chance to find out why,



  The Book of Shadows  


From an author best-known for his horror work, a huge collection of his finest tales. Thirty years of dark, disturbing stories from the pages of Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance, Fantasy & SF, and top anthologies including Best New Horror.


  Classic Pan and Fontana Horror, by Tony Richards  


Stories from Pan and Fontana Horror, Fontana Ghosts and much much more, each with an introduction by the author. A glimpse back to the Golden Age of dark fantasy fiction, working with renowned editors like Mary Danby and Herbert van Thal.


  Collected Science Fiction, Tony Richards  


BEYOND THE DARK. Tony Richards doesn't just write crime and supernatural fiction. Here's the best selection of his science fiction down the years, with stories from top anthologies and magazines like Asimov's SF.


  Going Back, Dark Regions Press, Tony Richards  


First appearing in the British small presses, this collection of modern, edgy dark fantasy fiction won critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award. Here is the US edition, with four additional stories.


  The Universal and Other Terrors  


Tony Richards’ seventh full-length collection of dark fantasy fiction includes stories from top anthologies and magazines, five new tales, and even a short novel. With an introduction by the author.





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Read the title story from THE UNIVERSAL and OTHER TERRORS here.





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