In four parts and with a prologue, my latest novel from Samhain Publishing, HOT BLOOD, begins in Manhattan, but then moves on to Central America, before the action switches to Prague, then Budapest, and finally the Carpathian Mountains, making it a truly globe-spanning dark fantasy epic.

Who dares to challenge a vampire?

Two very different immortal creatures have arrived in New York City. One is Tanya Merrit, the last of the Ykrall, a race that lives among—and depends on—human beings.

The other is Janos Wolkran, an ancient and extremely powerful vampire. He has with him a brood of servants, humans that he has converted. But one of his servants is dying. And Wolkran has chosen Tanya’s lover, Kathy Harrison, as a replacement. When he kidnaps her, Tanya sets off in a pursuit that will lead her around the world…and into a battle to the death between immortals.

“This is a great read. The pace never lets up” – Amazon reviews.

HOT BLOOD is available as an e-book directly from Samhain or from Amazon, Nook or Kobo, and also comes as a trade paperback.